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Echo at 11 Oak Drive
"If these walls could talk, they'd just repeat themselves"
Echo at 11 Oak Drive tells three stories that transpire under the same roof over three eras of time. 1951, 1973, and 2011. Although each occurrence is unique, the dialogue is identical; proving that history repeats itself in the oddest of ways.

In 1951, Lucinda has fallen in love with a gangster (Abner) who uses 11 Oak Drive as his stash house and hideaway. Luci deals with the guilt while Abner continues business as usual. But when an unwanted intruder trespasses onto the property; locking Abner in the attic and threatening the life of Lucinda, the true culprit is revealed.

In 1973, Diego is alone with his typewriter creating another screenplay. But when his usual mind altering substances don't cure his writer's block as usual, Clark (Diego's Character) becomes frustrated with his writer's indecisiveness. Expect the unexpected in this unique tale, when the character and the writer switch roles.

In 2011, Gina feels like a failure when Janel, her 13 year old daughter, becomes pregnant. Now that their perfect relationship has been tarnished, the women must find a way to see eye to eye, through sight filled with tears.